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AI in Cybersecurity

AI software is based on machine learning (ML) algorithms, which are responsible for sophisticated automated and autonomous capabilities. Machine learning applications in cybersecurity vary, depending on the tasks performed. However, there are certain key machine learning tasks that help make cybersecurity operations more efficient:

  • Regression — helps identify correlations between…


What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is an architecture that uses a single server to host and serve many virtual machines (VMs), each with a virtual desktop. It is designed to allow organizations to serve controlled desktop environments to users regardless of device or location. …

Azure vs AWS vs GCP

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What Is AWS Step Functions?

AWS Step Functions is an AWS service that enables you to orchestrate tasks across AWS services. …

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What Is a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy contains the details of your marketing efforts. A solid marketing strategy allows businesses to maintain visibility, generate interest to draw in potential customers, and maintain the interest of returning customers.

  • Market research, including data about competitors
  • Target audience, including identifying needs micro-segments
  • A SWOT…

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What Is Secure SDLC?

A secure software development lifecycle (secure SDLC) involves embedding security assurance into all stages of software development.

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What Is TensorFlow?

Developed by Google, Tensorflow is an open-source AI library for machine and deep learning designed to implement, train, test and deploy Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). …


What Is CockroachDB (CRDB)?

An open source, cloud-based transactional datastore designed to store copies of data in multiple locations to increase the speed of access. …

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I’m a tech writer and editor based in Tel Aviv, with interests ranging from history and politics to AI and design.

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